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Dogs Today

In our last blog post we were excited to share that our Facebook page now has over 1000 likes and since then it continues to grow. (1700+ now) We have also seen a picture of Max used in the National magazine Dogs Today..

Here are Jessie and Max checking out the February edition with Max in 
print at the top of the left page.

This is the picture they used, taken and submitted by our friends at Furrtography 

Dogs Today on Facebook are always good at sharing our content for us, Thanks guys !

As well as Max's magazine fame, both Jessie and Max have hit Facebook hard with several popular pictures, most recently this one has reached 60,000+ people and had over 5,000 likes. 

Our Facebook and blogs aim, is to brighten your day and make people smile. 

In other news Jessie and Max's 18 year old human brother has been a missionary in Greece for nearly 6 months now. He has learnt to read write and speak Greek. Not being around our dogs, he has come across and shared his lunch with several Greek Street hounds.


There are large packs of Street dogs in Athens and the missionaries are warned to stay away as they cant be sure how they may react to human attention or how healthy they are.
More of his adventures can be found on our other blog, click on his picture below to check it out.

Finally here is another stunning picture by Furtography, this time the subject is Jessie

Facebook Friends, One Thousand of you !

Wow !!! When we started our Blog and Facebook page, we had no idea how many people would follow our journey. We are now celebrating 1000 Page likes on Facebook !!!

Some of you like our captioned pictures, some just like to keep up to date with what Jessie and Max get up to each day. Over the last couple of years we have made lots of friends, we have even had messages to check we are OK when we don't post for a couple of days.

Our plan has always been two fold. Firstly to make you smile and secondly to share what we learn about our fuzzy Cockapoo's. We try to only share things like illness and injuries after they are resolved as we want you to be happy not sad. We have created a series of tabbed pages along the top of this blog to share our knowledge, from Food, to what to expect after spaying your dog.

Thank you to everyone for following our journey and making Jessie and Max "Just a little Famous" on the tinternet !!!!



Picture Captions

Our pictures with captions have proved quite popular on Social Media.
So we thought we would put a few together here. Click on any to enlarge.
















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