11 Week old Update

This weekends update is not in the form of an edited videolog, other projects got in the way I'm afraid.

We did however have an eventful week. Jessie went on her first walk outside (see previous blog) and since then has had 2 or 3 brief walks each day. Its early days for lead walking and she currently manages 5 or so minutes without stopping for a stroke or wanting to be cuddled. She is however very good at finding home. No matter which route we walk away from the house she knows when we are approaching home. Last night in the dark I thought she would walk past the end of our drive... but she didn't !

Toilet training is going well with every night this week clean and dry. We come down to a puppy that is pleased to see us, but keen to get out to the garden to relieve herself ! She has perhaps one distracted moment per day when she leaves it to long to get out for a wee, but that's all. The biggest problem is she doesn't bark, she just sits patiently at the back door to either go out, or come in ! She can bark, we have heard it once when playing with our sisters spaniel ! She just chooses not too.

Jessie is booked in for a "training assessment" this coming week. An hour long, one to one class with a dog trainer that runs puppy classes and trains police dogs. Following the assessment she can enrol in the weekly puppy class. But in the meantime we have been working on some basic commands.

She has got the SIT and does that on command at any time with or without reward, the DOWN is coming and can be achieved 70% of the time. ROLL over is still at the nose following treat stage.

Grooming a furry crocodile, sorry I mean Cockapoo puppy has proved fun ! But we are managing to keep her petty much knot free and clean !Its a mazing what she will let you do if she can smell a treat in your hand. I have found the best way to keep your hands in one piece is to let someone else do the brushing :)

As a bit of fun I have also added a blog page to share pictures of your Cockapoo... Puppy or otherwise HERE I have followed and been followed by several Cockapoo owners on twitter and thought it would be nice to showcase the diversity of #cockapoo !

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