12 weeks - 3 months !

This week has seen Jessie continue to grow up and out. Both in body and fur ! 

Unfortunately we didn't get to her training assessment due to a change in my work commitments, but it is rescheduled for this coming Wednesday.

We have done lots of walks, averaging 3 times a day but only up to 10 minutes at a time so as not to stress her joints. The walks have resulted in lots of naps!

Car travelling has become more enjoyable as she now settles straight away and generally sleeps from the engine starting to stopping.

She has developed a rather unacceptable habit of growling at us on occasion. We have worked out it is generally connected to being held for too long, its a way of saying I have had enough now.  We are working on several techniques to change this behaviour both on our part and hers.   

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