Safe Driving, working and roots

Up to now there has always been more than one of us in the car with Jessie. Now she can go out for walks and soon will be attending training classes. we needed to make sure it was safe to transport her "single handed" The concern was that she would want to sit on the drivers knee !
So we bought a Car Seat Belt harness from our local pet shop. It worked a treat, which incidentally is what she got for being so well behaved ! She quite happily snoozed from the time the engine started till it stopped when we arrived at our destination.

To avoid leaving her at home alone for too many hours on some occasions she will be able to come to work with me. Which is why we were out and about today. She came along while I fitted a pair of gate signs this afternoon. I was lead to believe she was from "working dog" heritage. She didn't do much of the work, I ended up fitting them myself !

Finally, while stroking her this afternoon, I noticed she has dark roots showing in some places and light roots in others... it is a well known fact that Cockapoo's can change coat colour and appearance as they mature so watch this space ..

For more information about Cockapoo's changing coats there is some excellent information and surprising pictures HERE

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