Homemade Liver Treats

At just 49p ago, they are far cheaper than commercially available packets. 
Ideal for coaxing a hound to learn new tricks.

The liver is human grade from Asda

The packet is emptied into a pan of boiling water

Jessie the kitchen maid is never far away

The liver is simmered until it is cooked all the way through. 
I test this by occasionally snipping a big piece with scissors and checking for blood 

Once cooked, it is fished out, rinsed and put on the chopping board

Ever hopeful Jessie watches on

To really get into the "man feeds wolf" mode a BIG knife is required. 
The chunks are chopped into small treat size pieces

It only takes 10 mins or so, but the maid starts to doze

The diced liver is placed on a baking tray and placed
 in the oven for 5mins to dry out a touch

At this point a taste test is required.

Out of the oven the treats pass the Jessie taste test

Placed in a bowl lined with kitchen roll they are left to cool. 
This amount will typically divide into 4 food bags, 3 of which get frozen. 
The entire batch will provide treats for the next 2 weeks.

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