Jessie, Trees and Brushes

The family Christmas Tree is up. We had expected it to result in lots of supervision being required and repeatedly telling Jessie not to touch... but we are on day two and the worse she has done is lie under it with one of her own toys !!

Jessie just loves human company, we are not sure if she knows she is a dog to be honest. Being a non shedding, fully house trained puppy there are now off limits places in the house which means that she is rarely more than and arms length away from one of us when we are home.
As I am typing this she is lying on my feet.

Being around us doesn't mean she is not up to mischief, she has a few favourite things she likes to steal if given the chance. Handkerchiefs from under the pillows, paper tissues from in your jeans pockets, toilet paper of the roll. The usual puppy likes I think.

This week while we we were getting changed, she was lying on our bed and spotted a hair brush in Joanne's bag. The temptation was just to much

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