Dovestone Reservoir

Dovestone Reservoir is quickly becoming one of Jessie's favourite places to walk and run, 
the latter off her lead. 

Early this morning we drove up and admired its calm beauty.

We are on the left edge of the map and the reservoir is marked with the red 'A' balloon, 
As only a 5 minute drive we are very fortunate to be so close

More information about it can be found HERE

To walk all the way round is about 2.5miles and 3/4 of the way round there is a good spot to rest and play !

"Give us a kiss Mum"

"I'm off"

Distracted by a noise across the lake, Jessie's ears caught the wind

Pride Rock
The plan in the last picture was for Joanne to keep Jessie's attention and then duck out of camera shot at the last minute. I thought it was more fun to move round and not say anything. 
So in this picture Joanne thinks she is hiding :) 

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