Teenage Spots, Groomers, New Tab and Instagram

During the week we discovered some tiny lumps on the back of Jessie's neck, some of which looked to have scabbed. Our first thought was that her collar had rubbed or she had caught her neck while poking her head into somewhere it shouldn't be.

In the end we decided to visit our vet to get them checked out... Turns out she has Teenage Acne! This probably also explains why she doesn't tidy up and is addicted to lying on a duvet. 
The spots may have been brought on by having her head in the "cone of shame" for 10 days or just due to her age. The vet has prescribed a short course of antibiotic tablets.

Yesterday in an attempt to keep our mucky pup a bit cleaner, we took her for a first trip to the dog groomers for a bath, blow dry and trim. (We used Pets at Home) As can be seen from the picture above she has much shorter facial hair now. It was just a light body trim to get her used to the experience. The nice lady said Jessie had been well behaved.

Today on Jessie's blog, we have added a new TAB to the navigation bar above, with the title Welcome 
It contains a picture directory of some of the main pages available on the blog, 
if you click the TAB it looks like this ...

Walks Videos Cockapoos
Blog Growing Allergies Spaying

Hovering over any of the six titles or the center picture, will tell you where the link takes you.
In other news, if you look to the information down the blogs right hand side, there is a link to our NEW Instagram account. The 12 most recently uploaded pictures are seen in the link, clicking on them will take you to our Instagram gallery.

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