Blog Name Change

In the next few weeks we will be changing the name of our blog. 
The reason, Jessie will be sharing the limelight with her new little brother !!!

Pictured above is the newest addition to our pack. He is currently only 4 weeks old so we have 4 more weeks to wait before he joins us, which will give us a chance to agree on his name.

The little guy is one of a litter of 9 (8 chocolate one apricot) Mum is a brown working Cocker Spaniel and Dad is a chocolate miniature poodle. We visited the farm he currently lives at last night and picked him as he seemed to take a liking to Ruth and also he has a lovely white chest.

New Best Friends Forever
We have been considering a second Cockapoo for months and finally came to a point when the timing was right and the right litter was available. Jessie just loves playing with other Cockapoo's and hopefully these two will become the best of friends. Jessie can be a bit of a mother hen with us so if things work well she will be a great "Big Sister"


He is the one on the left

Spot the apricot Cockapoo (top right) "Odd one out"

The moment of choosing

Bye, til we next visit in 2 weeks


We are still discussing or rather disagreeing about names, there are a couple of popular choices but nothing final. As soon as we have decided, we will have to change our blog title to Jessie & ......... !

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