Cockapoo Play Date

Tonight we arranged a play date with a Cockapoo called Bokeh. We have exchanged comments on our respective Facebook pages for some time now. As we only live a few miles apart, we have been trying unsuccessfully to meet for a while. 
Jessie and I got to Churchill playing field a little early, so had  quick kick about while we waited.

I always find it amazing that when Cockapoo's meet they instantly get on! 
Tonight was no different, when Bokeh arrived they were play fighting before they even got of their leads, once off and free they were running , chasing and playing as if they had always known each other.

In the picture above Jessie is on the right !

Bokeh being submissive above 

There was lots of pouncing and rolling...

And then completely unexpectedly a third Cockapoo arrived, Archie. Three dogs that were all new to each other, although I think Archie's owner found it hard to believe Jessie and Bokeh were not related. 

Then within minutes another new Cockapoo, Oscar, bounded across the field.. 
We had us an unofficial Cockapoo meet !

When cockapoos chase, 4 seem like a dozen, they were running every where !

A fun time was had by all ! 

Bokeh's "parents" run a professional pet photography business, their pictures are better than ours.. Here is one they posted on Facebook of Jessie Flying

Lisa, Jason and Bokeh can be found at 

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