Our last two posts have been pictures and videos from Jessie's play-date with Bokeh the Cockapoo. We first came into contact with Bokeh's "parents" Lisa and Jason through Facebook. Like us they have an account for Bokeh and after Liking a couple of each others pics, we realized that we only live a couple of miles from each other. We exchanged several more Likes,Comments and Messages, then began trying to find a mutually available time to meet. 

We took lots of pictures on our play date, but as much as we like them, they are no where near as good as the ones Lisa and Jason took... The reason... They own a Pet Photography business called FURRTOGRAPHY

If you are in the market for an excellent picture of your pet, take a look at these pictures that they took of Jessie and Bokeh.

Jessie in flight

Jessie resting and jumping for treats

Bokeh the trained camera model

Chase me Bokeh

Lets race !

You can't catch me Bokeh

"Dad, I think I've broke Bokeh"

He's not broke.... Hes back up !!

Just to point out we don't normally do advertising or promotions on our blogs. I share these for no financial reward and thank Lisa for allowing us to use these pictures on various social media sites. We met as a social activity, it was obvious that Lisa and Jason have a love of dogs and Jessie took an instant like to them. So if you want a stunning lasting memory of you dog, cat, horse or other pet check out ...


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