Max ~ week One

It's now a week since we brought Max home. He has made quite a change to our routine, I think we had forgotten the effort required to socialize a new puppy into our home !

Initially Jessie could best be described as politely tolerant of the new addition, probably assuming he was just visiting. However things seem to have improved. We had started out with the intention of Jessie staying in our room overnight and Max sleeping in the kitchen, this was just down to ease for cleaning up after a new puppy.

Night one he cried for ages from behind the gated kitchen door, but eventually settled. The crying restarted at about 3 a.m. so I took him in the garden to toilet then spent another 30 mins settling him back down. For the first 3 nights we repeated the same process, him doing a lot of crying but not messing in the kitchen.

The picture gives away what night 4 resulted in.. Our reasoning,
  • He cries because he is lonely 
  • He hasn't messed the room he sleeps in
  • Being together may help them bond 
So night 4 we took him upstairs at bedtime and within minutes the two were asleep on the floor at the end of the bed. I have been setting my alarm for 3am to take him out for a toilet break then we go back to bed. This seems to work and he is a lot less stressed. Interestingly the morning after him first sleeping upstairs with us, was the first that he and Jessie started close playing and toy fighting... Perhaps they had bonded..

This morning you can see from the video they are getting on well. Max can be a bit rough, but Jessie doesnt seem to mind. I have also noticed when Jessie paws him she uses her wrist rather than the paw with claws. She is certainly very patient with him swinging on her tail, ears and beard !

Its been a fun week. Evening toileting is going well... Day time he can be a bit lazy given the back door is usually open, but it is only week one and last week he was in a sawdust floored kennel !

I think Jessie and Max will be inseparable before long, He follows her everywhere now like a little shadow !

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