On Saturday the 31st of August we picked Max up from the Breeders and brought him home. The collection went well, Sharon the Breeder was all ready for us with paperwork, insurance, vaccination certificates and mum and dads pedigree charts. Out of the nine in the litter we were the 6th pickup.

The journey home was uneventful with Max quite chilled. After a lot of discussion we had decided not to take Jessie this time, just in case we had arguments between them in the car !

In the last 48 hours Max seems to have settled in quite well, Jessie has been very gentle but the best description would be tolerating rather than loving. We have had 5 quiet minutes when Max snoozed tucked up behind Jessie. But in the main its polite curiosity.

At the time of writing there are still 2 of the litter remaining if you can't resist.

Contact Sharon Speak at
Moss Bank Farm
Rindle Road
M29 7LG

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