Pup and Up

Last weekend Lisa and Jason from Furrtography came to take the first of 4 pictures as part of a Pup and Up package. I consider myself to be reasonable at taking snap shots but Furrtography have that professional edge that captured Max at his best.

They arrived with their own portable studio that consisted of a backdrop and roll out vinyl floor, lighting, stands and all the paraphernalia you would expect to find in a photographers studio. 

The idea of the Pup and Up package is to pre-book 4 sessions, that you can they take at any point of your pups first year. Its the first year that sees the biggest changes and the package aims to capture these. 

This first sitting was Max at 10 weeks. Within the first 2 weeks he has lived with us, Max has made some big changes to his facial features. We thought at first he was going to have a stubby little snout but in an almost Pinocchio fashion he has developed a more standard Cockapoo face.

For more information check out Furtography's Website and Blog... They don't just do dogs there are some great horse picture on there too !

And if you ask nicely they may even bring their own Cockapoo Bokeh too...

While Max was modelling, his big sister Jessie got to play with Bokeh !

This is another great picture caught by Jason and Lisa

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