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How much thought have you put into what you feed your dog?

Over the last 6 weeks we have been dealing with a dog that has itchy feet. Its quite common apparently. There are some points in the day when Jessie progresses from regular paw washing, to quite agitated nibbling of the skin between her toes. The first thought was a foreign object causing discomfort but logic ruled this out as it was three out of 4 paws.. We though it could be the two separate weeks on beach holidays over the summer, but sea and sand didn't make them worse or better. So it was a trip to the vet after discovering a waxy brown gunk between her toes. The vets diagnosed an infection and a two week course of oral antibiotics. As for the cause ... that was a bit harder.

Option 1. Irritation causing nibbling, leading to skin breaks, followed by an infection causing more irritation

Option 2. Damp furry feet causing a yeast infection or athletes foot.

Option 3. An allergy, either seasonal due to grass seeds or food related. As dogs sweat through their pads what they eat can affect their sweat glands !

Well I was sold on option 2, it made sense she comes home from walks with damp feet, we had spent 2 weeks in the sea. If she was ever getting athletes foot it was now. Besides limited contact with grass on a beach holiday and no diet changes must rule out allergies ?

Then while lying in bed I realised that we actually had changed her diet. Now 14 months old we had moved from puppy food to adult food about 6 weeks ago, just a coincidence ?? This set Joanne off on a quest to research dog food. Dozens of websites later she came across "Which Dog Food"  which independently rates hundreds of foods and gives them a rating of 1-5 stars. We expected our food of choice Royal Canin to rate highly, after all its not the cheapest you can buy. We were shocked to see it was only 1.8 out of 5 !!!
Read the review here

Ingredients are listed with highest content first, Royal Canin lists chicken first, but they don't explain that actually grains are a higher content than meat, but by splitting them into different grains they can move them down the list..

So we were now determined to improve the quality of the dogs food. If you had asked me before being a dog owner I would assume dog food was all the same. Now as devoted doggy dad I was determined they needed something better...

Joanne started checking other well know brands, they were not much better. In a change of tact she looked at those listed as 5 star, lets start at the best and work backwards. Eden was only the second of two kibbles to attain 5 stars. They sell on an 80/20/0 rule.

It sounds like a gourmet delight but is it affordable... Here is the shock.

Royal Canin £19 for a 4Kg bag  (£4.75 per Kg)
Eden is £30 for a 7.5Kg bag       (£4.00 per Kg)

Lets just take a moment on this, we can feed them on far better food for 75p a Kg less !!! This seemed like a no brainer! We located a stockist in Bury only 15 mins from home and went to visit ! I was impressed with what I was told and came home with a 7.5Kg bag.

Due to the high protein content the recommended daily amount is actually less than Canin so we will use less saving even more money !

The advice is to gradually blend from existing food to Eden to reduce the risk of an upset tummy and it is claimed the dogs will go through a detox process as they get rid of the grains. Jessie is not a fussy eater but can normally take or leave food. When I came home with the bag of Eden she was very interested, the top picture is her forcing her snout into the sack to steal some out. Her first feed on the change over was only 10% Eden.. She sorted it out and spit out the Canin.

Another thing our research unveiled was that although Royal Canin sell different foods for different breeds, its only really the size that changes.Eden food is recommended for all breeds, puppies and adults just different quantities
Read the review here

Initial impressions.
Both dogs go mad for it.
It is less greasy in the bowl.
It smells almost edible, ( I wont lie, it still smells like dog food)
It makes us feel we are doing the right thing.
It will save us money

This is early days I may blog in a month with a different opinion of Eden but we are unlikely to go back to Royal Canin. We are anticipating a couple of upset tummies as we get the quantities right, we will see how that goes. This may not make any difference to Jessie's feet but hopefully she will be better all round for the change.


After 8 weeks of feeding Eden, Jessies feet are now fully healed !

Since writing this post we have created an overview of our Eden Experience which can be found on the tabs at the top of this page or HERE

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