A is for Affectionate


We have met a lot of Cockapoos since having one then two of our own. Something we have noticed is that they are all AFFECTIONATE. If you don't like cuddles and kisses a Cockapoo is probably not for you.
Don't get me wrong Poos are not lap dogs, Jessie likes nothing more than a pheasant to chase across the moorland but she needs and seeks love. Being the offspring of a Spaniel and a Poodle, Poo's are very intelligent and often struggle to grasp that they are dogs not humans.
They love to be involved in every aspect of your life. Even though they cope with being left home alone for a few hours a day, when a human is home they are happiest when sat with or near you. To the extent that trips to the Bathroom are usually interrupted by paws tapping on the door.

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