B is for Bear-like


Jessie and Bimbo

"When I was younger, so much younger than today" 
I had a teddy bear, he was called BIMBO. 
When we had our first and only son, BIMBO was passed on to Jacob.

Here we are today, like me Bimbo is 46 this year. He has aged well, given he has been a part of the lives of two children. Bimbo currently enjoys Semi-Retirement, living out his life sitting on the top of Jacobs wardrobe watching the world pass the window.

I don't need a teddy bear any more, because we have a Bimbo look-alike... Jessie.

Of all the qualities a Cockapoo has, being bear-like is one of their most endearing. 
Max not only exhibits some teddy type facial features, he even looks like a bear cub when walking.

So B is for Bear-Like because, Cockapoos are cute cuddly and have gorgeous button noses

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