C is for Cockapoo


When it came to choosing a dog we were smitten by our sisters Cocker Spaniel Molly

Very bright and cute with it, Molly is also a hardy little dog. Despite surgery to correct a broken back she has bounced back to live a full and active life. The only sign of her history is a bit of a waddle in her walk.

But... We are allergic to dogs, we could cope with Molly for a couple of hours but then started to get a bit itchy, sneezy.  Growing up we had various dogs including poodles, which never affected my allergies. I quite like poodles and would love a Standard. If only you could get the sturdy and cheeky Cocker Spaniel mixed with the highly intelligent and non shed poodle ?!?! THEY DO ! A Cockapoo or as some countries call them "Spoodles"

The first recorded Cockapoos were in America during the 1950's. 
So they are not quite the "modern day designer dogs" people think they are.

Cocker spaniel (usually Mum) + Poodle = F1 Cockapoo

Cokapoo (usually Mum) + Poodle = F1b Cockapoo

Cockapoo + Cockapoo = F2 Cockapoo

Most Cockapoos you meet will be F1, as a litter of F1's are the most predictable outcome.
A cockapoo is a crossbreed and as such is not recognized or registered with the Kennel Club. However good breeders will use registered parents so you should still be able to trace your dogs pedigree through the poodle or spaniel parents.

So what do you get when you own a Cockapoo
A highly intelligent, loving and loyal dog that leaves no hairs around your house and doesn't make you sneeze. take a look at what other "poo" owners think there dogs are HERE

Jessie and baby Max

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