E is for Eden


In the 'D' post we talked about how a dog is still very anatomically a wolf.
Meaning it is basically a carnivore.

(Max and Jessie finishing off the mail man)

Even our cute Bear-like cute cockapoos love their meat. I would like to say we have the time and expertise to feed them on raw meat and and what would be classed as scavenged vegetables, but we don't.

So we had to find a food we were happy to give them that we thought is Biologically appropriate.

We feed our dogs Eden Holistic Food 
Launched in September 2012 it is the first pet food with an 80% Meat content. 
The remaining 20% is made up from Fruit, Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals. 
Basically it is all the foods a dogs ancestors would have had access to and therefore what a dogs digestive system is designed to cope with.

Note Eden Food contains NO grain or Gluten which is cheap and often used to bulk out commercial food, but has no food value to a dog.

Eden is a Kibble (dried food) but unlike others contains no wheat or grains, a dogs shorter digestive tract doesn't get enough time to extract much goodness out of a grain. On the other hand its stomach acids are ideal to break down meat protein and bone

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