G is for Groomers


You don't own a Cockapoo for very long, before you discover that you need to get to know a dog groomer you can trust ! The pictures above were impromptu snaps take an hour after they came back from their January grooming session. Pictures below are after their March groom.
If you see other pictures on our blog that make the dogs look well groomed,
that will be thanks to Kate @ Mucky Pups.

Cockapoo pups have a finer coat than their adult friends and don't seem to matt as much. However as they mature, the underfur kicks in and they knot and matt at the drop of a hat. Wearing a harness or towel drying after a walk or bath encourages matting. Often referred to as non shed coats. in reality the coat does shed but the dead hairs don't fall out.

Shaggy coat Cockapoos look cool, but unless you can spend LOTS of time grooming them, 
they just end up a painful and knotty mess. From experience we have learnt that 6-7 weeks is the longest our can go without matts beginning to form

Mucky Pups

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