H is for Human

It would be unfair of me to only tell you the “positive” traits of Cockapoos,
so in the interests of unbiased reporting “H is for Human”
Cockapoos are VERY intelligent and consequently they can consider
themselves to  be a human just like the rest of the family they live with!!!
Just as it is with kids, I suppose there could be a debate to determine if this trait is a result of nature or nurture. All dogs become part of the family but somehow every cockapoo we have met,
seems to take “belonging” to another level.
Perhaps because Poo’s don’t shed they hold a household
“Access all areas pass” which means we allow them to take more liberties?

If one of us leaves the table, the seat is immediately taken by a Cockapoo
that assumes they have had an invite to dinner.

There is usually at least one dog tucked under the covers, head on the pillow, when we wake up.
Try hugging or kissing and there will be a furry face squished between us seconds.

The armrest of in the corner of the sofa is prime real estate for shaggy dogs.

I started by saying I would be proposing “H is for Human” as a negative.. Well not everyone wants a dog that entangles itself so fully into every aspect of your life…
But for a Cockapoo owners it’s all part of the allure.

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