W is for Weightwatchers


 We have seen a few fat dogs in our time, and we are determined ours will stay lean, keen and fit. Most dog foods give feeding guidelines for quantities, but just like humans, a weigh in is the best judge.

Jessie and max have both been trained to sit on their own set of baby scales and we routinely weigh them to keep an eye on how they are doing. If it looks like they are getting a bit over what we think is normal we drop the food quantities a little. The aim is to keep them both around 10Kg, although we think Max could be a but heavier as he is a bit heavier set. 
Three general guidelines to determine ideal weight are:

Be able to feel but not see the ribs (hard on a shaggy dog)
Should have a noticeable waist line when viewing their silhouette
Should be able to feel the base of the tailbone at the end of the spine

"On the scales please"

"Good Boy"

"Jessie, your turn please"
"Can we move your tail please?"
"Good girl"

We started when we converted to EDEN food and have records since then. Max shows a very uniform growth rate through his puppy-hood.

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