Lake Windermere - Bowness

As I was working in Kendal I decided that Jessie and Max could come with me and we would spend some time at Lake Windermere after work was completed. 
Always keen on a trip in the car, Max was set, upright and attentive for the first minute, then fast asleep for the rest of the journey. Jessie on the other hand never really settles in the car and has been known to force herself to stay awake for 3 or more hour or more.

The lake was quite as its only February but the sun was out and the sky was blue. You cant beat a bit of rock pooling


You could be forgiven for thinking the next picture is of Jessie and her shadow, but its actually Max pretending to be a shadow.

You can dream about owning a fancy boat Jessie !

Although a few minutes on a floating jetty made us realise Max is never going to be a sailor. Spot the way he has lowered his center of gravity on the next picture, it wasn't even very choppy !!! He practically commando crawled off !

Max wasn't to impressed when one of the locals tried to attack him either !1

We saw a low flying RAF training plane too

Look at that blue sky! 
Dogs are allowed on the pleasure cruisers, but after Max decided he didn't like the jetty, 
we gave it a miss


So if you are in the lake district pay a visit to Windermere

Most of the pictures were taken on the coastal area around Cockshott Point, its just 5 minutes from the busy are of Bowness Bay.