Eden Holistic Pet Food

We feed our dogs Eden Holistic Food 
Launched in September 2012 it is the first pet food with an 80% Meat content. 
The remaining 20% is made up from Fruit, Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals. 
Basically it is all the foods a dogs ancestors would have had access to and therefore, what a dogs digestive system is designed to cope with.

Note, Eden Food contains NO grain or Gluten which is cheap and often used to bulk out commercial food, but has no food value to a dog.

The following is from the Eden Home Page

"Based on the Ancestral diet of your pet with a diversity of meat, fish and eggs
Biologically Aligned with 80-20-0 profile
Nutritionally Aligned complete food with a high content of quality animal protein
Formulated without Grain or Gluten
Freshly prepared meats are prepared to an equivalent human food grade standard
Salmon and Herring packed with Omega 3
Low Carbohydrate content with fruit and vegetables
Prebiotics to support digestion
Health supporting Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals
Additional Joint Supplements
Made in Britain and very proud of it!"

Our decision to use this food was based on considerable research into dog foods and nutrition and we have found both of our hounds are thriving on it

We would strongly recommend that you visit  www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk
which is an independently run site aimed at advising owners about the content of the food they use. 

Check out what you are giving your dog !
Eden has a 5 star rating.

Both our dogs eat the same food, Eden is not breed or age specific. 
It is highly nutritious and you don't need to feed large quantities.  
Jessie and Max weigh around 10Kg and eat two 70g meals a day, 

We switched to Eden in 2013, the year that we got Max.
At the same time as the switch, we bought a set of scales to weigh the dogs. 
We wanted to be able to adjust the feeding to keep weights as they should be.

We found that switching Jessie from a feed with a high grain content resulted in a dip in her weight. This was only brief and as she replaced a bit of lost flab with muscle, the weight came back. She is now more toned and lean. Max being younger hadn't had a chance put on any excess, as his graph shows he has grown at a very steady rate.

We did experience a period of detox during change over (A few days of loose poops) Several articles we have read point out that many commercial feeds contain twice as many preservatives as a BigMac ! So its not surprising really ! Plus if the feed they are having contains grains and fillers they cant digest, at some point they will come out ! 


Eden sounds like a luxury food, it actually works out cheaper than the Royal Canin Jessie was on. 
Cheaper per Kg to buy and as the portions are smaller its lasts longer too.

It is considerably dearer than a food such as Wagg, but when you read that foods contents, you may as well feed them the bag it came in. The hidden saving is in vet bills. More and more people are realising the cost in health, that feeding inappropriate foods brings. Allergies in dogs is rising along with skin complaints and all manner of other ailments. Hardly surprising if we continue to feed inappropriate foods.

Our dogs eat a healthier diet than we do, but that's because we can choose what we eat, they don't have that luxury so its our responsibility to make wise choices for them. 

Eden can be fed as a dry kibble, however Jessie and Max prefer to eat it having been soaked in hot water. The heat makes the food release more smell. 
A dogs desire to eat, is driven more by scent than appearance. 

Eden can also be mixed with raw feeding. As it contains 80% meat proteins it does not cause problems with differing digestion rates. There is a self perpetuating theory, that kibble digests slower than raw food. This following scientific based article goes some way to disproving this argument.


Since changing to EDEN we have seen the following health improvements
Complete elimination of red and itchy paws.
Improved coat condition.
Reduced waxy ears

Further info about our change over ..

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