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You don't own a Cockapoo for very long, before you discover that you need to get to know a dog groomer you can trust ! The pictures on this page were impromptu snaps take an hour after they came back from their January grooming session. If you see other pictures on our blog that make the dogs look well groomed, that will be thanks to Mucky Pups.

Cockapoo pups have a finer coat than their adult friends and don't seem to matt as much. However as they mature, the underfur kicks in and they knot and matt at the drop of a hat. Wearing a harness or towel drying after a walk or bath encourages matting.

As Max hit his 6 month mark his fur was about 3" long, he looked cool with a shaggy hair do.  Unfortunately shaggy just is not practical during a cold, wet and muddy winter. 
There is nothing like being jumped on, by a wet and soggy chocolate coloured mop.

The first two grooming sessions Jessie had, were at "The Groom Room" within "Pets at Home" 
The cuts were reasonable, but we didn't much like the production line atmosphere and caging they did. When she returned from her third groom with bald patches, we decided we needed a better groomer that we could trust and depend on.

After a bit of searching we came across Kate, as a referral from another Cockapoo owner. 
Kate runs "Mucky Pups" and works in a fully kitted out, double garage in Lydgate (Oldham) 
Mucky Pups offers everything you could want from a grooming service.

Kate Schofield 07955005468

As well as being a qualified groomer, Kate treats ours dogs like pets. For example when we picked Max up, he was wandering around the house as if he lived there. 
We drop the two of them off together and when we pick them up, they look pristine. 

If you live local to Oldham, we recommend you try "Mucky Pups" it gets 5 stars from us. 
If you don't live near us, take time to find a groomer that you can trust. 
You will be using their services regularly for several years !!

Mucky Pups Salon

Mucky Pups

General opening hours  
8:30am - 8/9pm Mondays to Thursdays (Flexible by arrangement)
8:30am - 3pm Fridays and Saturdays

 Services offered  
Bathing : Drying : Clipping : Scissoring : Hand stripping : Nails cutting
Ear cleaning : Anal glands

As dogs come in all sizes, call or email for a price

Mucky Pups can be contacted at



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Or if you are in the Bury area, check out Woofcuts for grooming services.